Holdenhurst Tenants’ Successful Fundraising for a Defibrillator Machine

Holdenhurst Tenants’ Successful Fundraising for a Defibrillator Machine

A tenant-led initiative at Holdenhurst has recently achieved a remarkable feat – successful fundraising for a defibrillator machine.

Driven by a shared desire to enhance the safety measures within the development, Holdenhurst’s tenants embarked on a fundraising journey to acquire a defibrillator machine. The initiative also received support from Abbeyfield South Downs, which matched the funds raised by the tenants.

We spoke to Linda Smith, Holdenhurst Assistant Scheme Manager, to find out more:

What prompted this initiative?

The initiative was prompted by a desire to enhance safety measures and reduce response times in emergencies, inspired by first-hand experiences of the life-saving potential of defibrillator machines.

What fundraising activities did you hold?

Fundraising activities included a JustGiving page, a bring-and-buy sale, and a Christmas raffle, which collectively contributed to meeting and exceeding the fundraising target.

Have you received support from local businesses?

Yes! Wildbloods, a local electrical contractor in Heathfield, has generously offered to install the defibrillator unit free of charge.

Where will the machine be located?

The defibrillator will be located in the reception area of Holdenhurst. As entry into our building requires a key, access to the defibrillator will be limited to tenants and visiting guests; ensuring quick accessibility in emergencies. There is another defibrillator that the public can access nearby at the fire station on Mill Road.

Ready for installation

The fundraising journey was marked by a series of engaging activities that brought together the Holdenhurst community. Through innovative approaches such as a JustGiving page, a bring-and-buy sale, and a festive Christmas raffle, Holdenhurst not only met but exceeded its fundraising target. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication, commitment and community spirit of Holdenhurst’s tenants.

By having a defibrillator on-site, Holdenhurst aims to significantly reduce response times in critical situations, reassuring residents of immediate access to life-saving equipment.

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